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Let What You Love Be What You Do.​

  Since birth Naderson Saint-Pierre had a destined path as a creator. His hands have been the catalyst for multiple paintings that evoke deep feelings in his viewers. His goal is to provoke thought and conversation that transforms the way that the viewer truly sees the world and their place in society. He started his creative journey as a youth with the basics, drawing being the foundation. In his solitude he used art as a way to detox from life’s daily challenges and allowed the practice to relieve his mind. For him, something so therapeutic became more than a hobby but a journey in finding himself. 

​        In 2016 after spending much time journaling his path through drawings he upgraded his vehicle for expression by swapping out the pencils for brushes. Painting became his main medium. Acrylic paint paved the way before he delved into the use of oil paints. Operating without a traditional guide, Saint- Pierre became a self taught professional artist through his tenacity and consistency. Dedicating 15 hour painting sessions in his Orlando studio each day,  he was determined to refine his skills and to truly live in his purpose. Since turning his passion into a profession, Saint- Pierre has never lost his hunger for growth and consistently explores new skills, genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but the love he has for his craft supersedes the sacrifices he has made.

      "Naderson Saint-Pierre paints colorful, compelling, black portraiture. While he describes himself as a self-taught artist, his work is a testament to his incredible raw skill and precise technique. Often autobiographical and rich in narrative, his portraits highlight and celebrate an image of black identity, with odes to pioneers in the art world while carving out a style that is uniquely Saint-Pierre’s own." - Kira Paulemon for​​ ​ 

     "As an artist, there is nogreater pleasure for me than finding genuine growth and improvement in my projects. As I have grown and matured, so has my art. My priority is to create a better understanding and address the elephant in the room. Political and other social issues. As an artist, I alone cannot change society for the better, but I can only transform my own consciousness into my work to inspire others. The goal is to add a little seed of love, unity, and peace within everyone." - Naderson St-Pierre

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